Secure Communications: Creating an Internet Out of Secure Islands

Presented at the 7th Annual Real-Time Communications Conference and Expo 2011 at Illinois Institute of Technology, October 5, 2011

In DC, and throughout the nation, there are silos of secure communications. For example, it has been a value proposition for vendors of secure communications devices and software that those endpoints could only communicate with endpoints from the same manufacturer. After all, if you are in the Army, you would not want your enemy, the Navy, to hear your conversations.

In the post-9/11 world, the Federal enterprise is realizing the importance of the network effect. However, in the post-Wikileaks world,systemic security, trust, and policy are critical issues to address.Moreover, there is considerable interest in not only connecting theFederal enterprise with its commercial contractors, but the real market is for enterprises to be able to communicate securely. This is much,much more than just a profile for key exchange – there is a lot of architecture, policy, and trust work that needs to be done. The applications go far beyond three-letter-agencies: the Telepresence stovepipes have the identical problem, and could have the identical solution.