Big Bytes with Ocient

Fun discussion with Chris Gladwin, Mike Ferguson, and Shannon Kethireddy on the massive data analysis needs driven by 5G.


I participated on an industry panel on How to Secure Future Communication Networks. I’ve got this picture from it..

Driving 6G Research Priorities

Panel discussion on 6G research priorities: moderated by Eric Burger with Profs. Jeff Reed, Tommaso Melodia, and Nick Laneman.

IEEE Future of Networks Testbed Workshop Keynote

8 February 2022 A discussion of the state of testbeds, what our goals were from a White House perspective, and what the Next G Alliance is doing to foster a strong North American testbed ecosystem. The recording to the second day is here. Apologies as Zoom requires registration to access the archive.

IIT [email protected] Panel

Computer Science in a Time of Transformation – panel with:Eric Burger (Georgetown University)Mar Hicks (Illinois Institute of Technology)Bing Liu (University of Illinois at Chicago)Plamen Petrov (CTO, Hydrogen Health)Heather Zheng (University of Chicago) Moderator: Larry Birnbaum (Northwestern University) October 14, 2021

KAIROS Pulse: Advancing America’s Leadership Through 5G & 6G Innovation

Getting reliable, high-speed connectivity continues to be a challenge for enterprises, but things are changing! Private-sector innovation and government support are working to advance America’s longtime leadership in wireless technologies. Spectrum sharing initiatives like CBRS are disruptive, DoD’s investment in 5G testbeds is promising, and the recent decision by FCC to break free 100 MHz… Continue reading KAIROS Pulse: Advancing America’s Leadership Through 5G & 6G Innovation


STIR/SHAKEN and the World: Perspectives from the U.S. and UK – a free discussion one US experiences, UK experiences, lessons learned, and challenges ahead. (you need to get past the registration page to download the content)