Who is Eric Burger?

Dr. Eric Burger is Research Professor of NextG Security at Virginia Tech. Prior to that, he spent over ten years as Research Professor of Computer Science at Georgetown University, returning full-time from his IPA detail as the Assistant Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy and prior to that, his detail as Chief Technology Officer of the Federal Communications Commission.

In short, Dr. Burger has a strong background in business, government, and academia.

Prior to his academic career, he was SVP and CTO of Neustar. Before Neustar, he took a year off to get his Pilot’s License after Oracle bought BEA, where he was VP Engineering and Deputy CTO and ended up Acting General Manager of the Communications Products Division. Prior to BEA, he was CTO of Cantata Technology, where he oversaw corporate research, cross-product architecture, intellectual property generation, and standards initiatives for the company. Dr. Burger contributes to and holds leadership positions in several standards bodies, including having written most of the SIP media RFC’s in the IETF and contributing to VoiceXML and CCXML in the W3C. Dr. Burger co-founded SnowShore Networks, where he invented the SIP-controlled, multi-function media server and served as CTO. He has also held senior positions at companies such as MCI, Texas Instruments, Brooktrout, Centigram, and Cable & Wireless. He holds 19 U.S. patents and has numerous patents pending. He has taught at George Mason University and George Washington University and holds degrees from MITCatholic University of Leuven, and Illinois Institute of Technology.

Dr. Burger was Chairman Emeritus of the Board (sorry about the sexism, but it is what the SIP Forum’s Swedish bylaws called the position) of the SIP Forum. He was a member of the Board of Trustees of the Internet Society and the founding Chair of the Audit Committee; was a Trustee of the IETF Trust; and was a member of the IETF Administrative Oversight Committee.

Dr. Burger’s current research areas include cyber security, information sharing, massive data, real-time interactive multimedia protocols, carrier-friendly peer-to-peer networking, sensor networks, SDN security and attribution, cloud computing, and edge computing. See his CV (HTML, not print-friendly) (PDF, printable) and academic Web site, https://spia.vt.edu/people/faculty/burger.html.

Currently issued patents are here.
Published patent applications (since 2001) are here.