POTS in Transition: What is Voice Service?

Even VoIP users are played a dial tone file. As over the top voice services become more common and embedded in other aspects of the communications experience, like gaming and social networking, end users will have to understand the transition.  Where is the opportunity to highlight these changes and what is the impact on traditional issues?

My overview:
While many focus on intercarrier compensation and the universal service fund for voice, the reality is voice is not the critical service it once was. Looking at legacy voice versus broadband Internet, broadband Internet has incomparable enhanced emergency services capability, multimodal interaction capability, and links to eGovernment and commerce. If it is not already, broadband Internet capability will be a necessary right for citizens, not a privilege.

Not covered, as this is not the venue for it, is a discussion of the realization that since broadband is a right, then back-door legislation, such as ACTA or overt legislation, such as COICA, are clearly an attack on American civil liberties.