IIT RTC / IEEE IPTComm talk: Dynamic Emergency Communications in 5G end-to-end NetworksIIT RTC / IEEE IPTComm talk:

At a previous IPTcomm we presented the concept of using dynamic 5G network slicing to allocate resources for first responder emergency communications [1]. In the Commonwealth Cyber Initiative’s xG laboratory, we have leveraged our end-to-end open-source Open RAN test bed to prove out dynamic network slicing for first responders. This required cooperation between near real-time applications (rApps) and non-real-time applications (xApps) cooperating to provide the optimal allocation of guaranteed network bandwidth to first responders when they need it, and regular communications when they do not. We demonstrated this system in our live network with over 72 radios as well as taking it on the road to Mobile World Congress.[Researchers on this project: Aloizio DaSilva, Joao F. Santos, Jaswanth S. R. Mallu, Vikas Radhakrishnan, Prateek Sethi, Tapan Bhatnagar, Eric W. Burger, and Luiz A. DaSilva][1] Carlberg, K., Burger, E., and Jover, R., Dynamic 5G Network Slicing for First Responders, IPTComm 2019, Chicago, IL, USA, 15 October 2019

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