IIT RTC / IEEE IPTComm panel: Just How High Are You? From A to Z . . .

Brandon Abley Panelist
Eric Burger Panelist
Brooks T. Shannon, ENP Panelist
Mark Fletcher Moderator

As technology advances, there always remains an elusive parameter holding back innovation. For landlines, it was the caller’s identity; and then, the caller\\\’s address. Once those issues were solved, the callers went mobile and nomadic. The industry responded with X and Y coordinates, with ever-increasing pinpoint accuracy. And with that virtually solved, the new conundrum is Z. While that can relate to the Height Above Ellipsoid (HAE), or Height Above Average Terrain, it’s a number that represents some level of altitude that must be correlated back to a specific floor. This well-versed panel of industry experts will discuss the ins and outs, as well as the ups and downs of the elusive Z element for location services.

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