NGN Service Exposure: Web 2.0 Meets Telco

Presentation at IEEE Communications Quality and Reliability Workshop, April 30, 2008 (Carefree, Arizona)

The hot buzz in the Web is user-generated content. Quite a few service providers are asking themselves how they can be a part of the user-generated content trend. We will look at  the user’s perspective of what the service provider can offer. In addition, we will examine the service provider’s perspective of why user-generated content, and more importantly, user-generated applications are important. We tie this to experiences with trials and commercial deployments of the Next Generation Network. To date, carrier applications have been IP versions of traditional communications applications or traditional applications enhanced with Web user interfaces and content. While the IMS addresses QoS and some security issues, it has not delivered on the promise of application velocity. We will discuss the structural reasons for this, and the user trends that impact options for moving forward.

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