Barriers to VoIP Deployment and Initiatives to Overcome Them

Keynote at China VoIP Conference and Expo 2005, May 19, 2005 (Beijing)

VoIP has seen great successes for the access and transport of multimedia streams. However, most of the deployments have been within a given service provider’s administrative domain. We will discuss the progress that has been made in deploying VoIP, the barriers that remain, and the industry initiatives that seek to overcome those barriers. Moreover, as many service providers have moved to IP for transport, there has been severe price erosion. Service providers are looking for how to capture customers, increase revenues from existing customers, and retain customers on their new, IP networks.

Some areas of interest include inter-carrier interconnect, carrier-enterprise interconnect, applications and services, and unified signaling frameworks. The address will describe the various roles of industry consortia and standards bodies to address these issues.

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