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Lemonade is a suite of protocols developed by the IETF to extend IMAP and the SUBMIT protocol to enable and enhance the messaging experience of users who use devices with poor connectivity or low power. That is code for mobile devices, although it does cover many other scenarios for Internet messaging.

Why do you care? It is true there are proprietary mobile e-mail systems. However, they all have serious failings in one area or another. Most important, they are proprietary and for the most part only talk with their own servers. The hope is that with a common, robust set of access protocols, client and server developers can focus on the user experience. More essentially, lemonade extends the true, end-to-end Internet all the way to mobile devices.

Who is working on lemonade? It is important to note the IETF does not have corporate members. Everyone working on IETF protocols act on their own and do not necessarily represent their employer. There is a list of declared lemonade vendors. Note that some companies have a policy of not announcing products that are not generally available. Thus the absence of a company on this list does not mean they have no lemonade plans. Of course, it also may mean they have no lemonade plans, too. Individuals working on lemonade come from companies like Alcatel-Lucent, Apple, AT&T, Carnegie Melon University, China Mobile, EMCC Software, Ericsson, Funambol, Huawei, IBM, Isode, Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia, Nortel, Opencloud, Openwave, Oracle, PlaNet Correspondence Technologies, Qualcomm, Research In Motion, Sendmail, Sun Microsystems, University of Washington, and Zimbra.

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Lemonade for Mobiles, an information site for LEMONADE

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The Workgroup Status Page has links, status, and listings of all work group drafts, polished meeting minutes, jabber logs, meeting agendas, and links to the list archive.

Rather than trying to keep these pages here up to date, please refer to the automatically generated pages linked above.

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Liaison about STI, message recall, etc. (2006-04-11)

Industry Presentations

TMIA Presentation 14-Oct-04 (PPT) (PDF)

TMIA Presentation 17-Nov-04 (PPT) (PDF)


RFC Editor Queue

These drafts are essentially done. Any changes at this point will most likely be editorial, not normative. However, no promises here.

IETF Last Call

These drafts have been through Work Group and Chair review, and have been presented to the IETF community at large for comments.

IESG Processing

These drafts are pretty close to finished. However, sometimes the IESG wants to see major changes before document publication.

Work Group Drafts

These drafts are an attempt to collect the work group's collective wisdom on a topic. They may change radically from draft version to draft version.

Individual Drafts

Individual Drafts have no standing in the IETF. They are not standards documents, nor are they products of the IETF, nor is there necessarily any plan to take any given Individual Draft and publish it as a standards track document. However, concepts in Individual Drafts sometimes get worked into standards documents. Occasionaly, they are the basis for standards publications and work group items.
We strongly urge you to review RFC2026/BCP09 for a full description on what is, and what is not, a standards document.

The appearance of these files on this web site does NOT constitute publication by the IETF or the lemonade work group. We offer these files for your convenience only.

Archived Drafts

We will NOT be updating the archived drafts page as of October 1, 2005.

IETF Meeting and Interim Meeting Materials

The Workgroup Status Page has links for the IETF meetings. As such, this site here will no longer archive IETF meeting presentations beginning with IETF 64.

Toronto Interim (IETF 68.5), including Document Status and Slides, and Minutes
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