Declared Intentions to Implement Lemonade

Note these vendors / projects have declared their product availability, plans, or conformance themselves. Neither the lemonade work group, IETF, nor Cantata can vouch for the actual availability or conformance of these products, nor are they liable for any resulting use of this information.

Vendor Lemonade Components Product Availability
Zimbra Various Components Available Now
Oracle (Sun)Profile bisSun Java System Messaging Server 7 Update 3Available Now
NokiaQRESYNCn900Available Now
LucentProfile Phase 1OMTP VVM 1 maintenance rel 1Available Now
isode Profile Phase 1 M-Box, M-Box POP/IMAP Gateway Available Now
IKIProfile Phase 1DovecotPlanned
Dave Cridland Profile Phase 1, except DSN; see techie stuff Infotrope Polymer Available here
CMU Cyrus Profile Phase 1 Cyrus 2.3.6 Catenate, URLAUTH, Annotatemore: Available Now

Interoperability Matrix (Self-Reported)

Vendor Product Base Lemonade Full Lemonade Implementation Notes Interoperability Test (Self Reported)
Dave Cridland Infotrope Polymer * Base Lemonade: All but DSN; full information here Cyrus IMAP 2.3.x, Isode M-Box

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