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1PM, Hemisphere Room

Agenda Bash      Chairs           10 min
Status Update    Chairs            5 min

Work Group Items:
MMS Mapping      Randy Gellens    10 min
Future Delivery  Greg Vaudreuil   10 min
URLAUTH          Chris Newman     10 min
BURL             Chris Newman      5 min
CATENATE         Pete Resnick      5 min

Non-Work Group Items:
Mobile Sync      Michael Wener    10 min
Message Filter   Michael Wener    10 min
ClearIdle        Michael Wener    10 min

3:30pm, Hemisphere Room

Recap (not revisit) Monday
                 Chairs           10 min

Profile & Goals:
Lemonade & Mobile E-Mail (Non-WG)
                 Stéphane Maes    20 min
Goals            Kue Wong         20 min
Profile          Stéphane Maes    20 min

Quick Reconnect  Corby Wilson     15 min

Transcoding Discussion/CHANNEL    20 min

Next Steps       Chairs           15 min

IETF 61 Slides

Chairs Slides - Day 1 (PPT) (PDF)
Chairs Slides - Day 2 (PPT) (PDF)
MMS/Email Mapping (PPT) (PDF)
Future Delivery (PPT) (PDF)
Lemonade Goals (PPT) (PPT)
Server to Client Notifications Requirements (PPT) (PDF)

Jabber Log

Day 1

Day 2

Minutes coming

Last updated: 11 November 2004 0906 ET