Title Date Formats
OMA Mobile E-mail Sub-Working Group of Messaging Working Group Liaison on Mobile e-mail to IETF LEMONADE 11 July 2005 (DOC) (PDF)
OMA Mobile Email Requirements 14 June 2005 (DOC) (PDF)
What Is Internet E-Mail 8 August 2005 (PPT) (PDF)
What Is lemonade For OMA 8 August 2005 (PPT) (PDF)
Formal Liaison Response from IETF to OMA 7 August 2005 (PDF)
Mapping of OMA Requirements to IETF Deliverables 7 August 2005 (PDF)
OMA MWG-MEM SWG Response to Liaison on Mobile e-mail from the IETF LEMONADE WG 5 September 2005 (DOC) (PDF)
LS Reply to IETF 18 September 2005 (DOC) (PDF)
OMA MWG-MEM SWG Liaison on Mobile e-mail to the IETF LEMONADE WG 18 October 2005 (DOC) (PDF)
MEM AD IETF Lemonade issue 21 August 2007 (DOC)(PDF)

Other OMA Documents

Mobile E-Mail Requirements
Authoritative Copy of Mobile Email Architecture (ZIP MS Word File)
Unauthoritative copy of Mobile Email Architecture (PDF)

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