Barriers to VoIP Deployment and Initiatives to Overcome Them

Keynote at China VoIP Conference and Expo 2005, May 19, 2005 (Beijing) VoIP has seen great successes for the access and transport of multimedia streams. However, most of the deployments have been within a given service provider’s administrative domain. We will discuss the progress that has been made in deploying VoIP, the barriers that remain, […]

Applications and Services: Powering the Next-Generation Network

Keynote at China VoIP 2004, May 19, 2004 (Beijing) This session will introduce the IPCC, the principal worldwide forum for the promotion of multimedia communications over packet networks. Much work has been done, first with MGCP and H.284 with SoftSwitches and H.323, and now with SIP, to enable the deployment of cost-effective packet-based telephony networks. […]