Cybersecruty 2020 – Is There a Better Way to Protect the Internet

Panel at SRI International, May 23, 2012 (Arlington, VA)

Alarming stories about the growing threat of cyberattacks have spurred the White House, Congress, and corporate leaders to call for more efforts to improve cybersecurity.  But are current approaches to cybersecurity working?  Can we do better? 

More and more Internet technology experts argue that today’s approach is broken and that there must be a better way—with new technologies, better business practices, and more emphasis on the people and organizations that have to implement them.  Can we fix cybersecurity?  Can we overcome inertia and political barriers?  What happens if we don’t?

Moderator: Eric Burger, Professor of Computer Science, Georgetown University; Director, Georgetown Center for Secure Communications

Discussion leaders:

Simson Garfinkel, Associate Professor of Computing Science, Naval Postgraduate University

Thomas Fuhrman, Senior Vice President, Booz, Allen, Hamilton

Zach Tudor, SRI International’s Computer Science Lab

Mark D. Rasch, Director, CyberSecurity and Privacy Consulting, CSC