USF/ICC Reform

IIT RTC Conference, October 6, 2011 (Chicago) I participated on a panel discussion on the Universal Service Fund and Inter-Carrier Compensation reform underway at the FCC. Bill Myers of Communications Daily moderated the panel. Glenn Richards of the VON Coalition and Pillsbury Law joined me. While Glenn and I agree on most things, I still […]

Secure Communications: Creating an Internet Out of Secure Islands

Presented at the 7th Annual Real-Time Communications Conference and Expo 2011 at Illinois Institute of Technology, October 5, 2011 In DC, and throughout the nation, there are silos of secure communications. For example, it has been a value proposition for vendors of secure communications devices and software that those endpoints could only communicate with endpoints […]

Internet 201: The DNS and IPR

Invited talk to the American Bar Association Special Committee on Copyrights and New Technology, February 7, 2011 (Washington, DC) This presentation is targeted for lawyers with some experience with Internet technology. It focuses on how the Domain Name System works, both technically and administratively; just what an Internet application is; how current methods and proposals […]

Public Policy – What it Means to the Technologist: Network Traffic Management

Invited talk, IIT VoIP, October 13, 2010 (Chicago) There seems to be a chasm between the policy makers, such as administration personnel, lobbyists, and lawyers and the engineers that create the technologies that have policy imposed upon them. Quite often, the policy people have a limited understanding of the impact of their proposed policies. Likewise, […]

The Future of the Internet and Open Research Questions

Colloquia at City University Hong Kong, November 16, 2009 The Internet has grown from a medium for researching networking protocols, through an academic publication network, to an ecommerce platform, to becoming today’s key medium for people to communicate. As the uses of the Internet have evolved, the requirements for availability have dramatically changed. At the […]