Declared Intentions to Implement MRCPv2

Note these vendors / projects have declared their product availability, plans, or conformance themselves. Neither the speechsc work group, IETF, nor Brooktrout can vouch for the actual availability or conformance of these products, nor are they liable for any resulting use of this information.

Vendor MRCPv2 MRCP
Aspect Available
Brooktrout Planned Available
IBM Available
Interact Inc., Software Systems Available
Loquendo Available Available
LumenVox Planned Beta
NMS Planned Available
Nuance Beta Available
OptimSys Available
SandCherry Planned Available
UniMRCP Available Available
Unisys Available
Genesys Planned Available
Voxpilot Planned Beta

Interoperability Matrix (Self-Reported)

Aspect: Nuance

Interact: Loquendo, Nuance, LumenVox

OptimSys: Nuance, Loquendo, LumenVox, UniMRCP

Unisys: UniMRCP

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Last Updated 29 March 2011 0620 ET